Look into the heart of Japan

Look into the heart of Japan

Chen Ying
I could have chosen to study in Tokyo, a city I’m more familiar with, but the fact that Kyoto is the center of Japanese culture and the historical treasures in the city have quickly allured me. I realized that I’ve made the right decision during the first several days upon arrival. I never get tired wandering in the city, where antiquity meets and well-blends with modernity. Kyoto’s numerous temples and shrines are not to missed, either. They are impressive each for their own reasons, be it well-known monument or hidden gem. Visiting them in Autumn could be an ultimate experience. My mind was blown away during my visit to Rurikoin. Every window view there is literally a painting, a piece of art. Surprisingly, I found a moment of peace in the midst of crowds of visitors. Studying in Kyoto offers not only an opportunity to learn the Japanese language but also an incredible experience to explore the richness and depth of Japanese culture, just like opening a window to the heart of the country. I’m sure that my stay here would be as fulfilling and rewarding, just like the view from the window in this photo!