The journey awaits

The journey awaits

Miguel Martin
This picture reflect the picture of someone wearing a kimono in a traditional japanese temple(清水寺). But this picture is worth more than a 1000 words. It if the reflection on someone who looks ahead in the far distance of the beautiful mountain surrounding kyoto. It is the true meaning of someone looking ahead in the far distance and projecting themselves in a future where they will meet many opportunities. It is a new start of a future that awaits. It is the understanding of something far greater where in the distance they can meet their future self and look back 1 year after and see the improvements and accomplishment they have made. I decided to take this picture because this reflects the beginning of my journey in Japan. The girl seen in the picture is actually my girlfriend who 1 year ago, was a international studying at my university in Quebec, Canada. It is one of many reasons why I decided to fully study the japanese language and come abroad to study In kyoto. This pictures represent the journey I have accomplished until now and how lucky I am to have someone to accompany me throughout this experience. This picture is really important to me since it represents the journey I have been on and what is a bout to come next! In my 3 months of living in kyoto, this city has shown my true self and how many aspects of this city has helped me on my journey on becoming a better version of myself. I am lucky and privilege to be a student in Kyoto and thank everyone for this opportunity!