Unstranslatable friendship

Unstranslatable friendship

REBAUD Raphaël
This picture was taken during a visit of the Nishi-Hongan-Ji on the 19th of October 2022. I was with my Japanese friend and I tried to understand the poem. I was able to read some of the kanjis, but I was not really understanding the meaning of them. So my friend tried to translate for me the meaning of the poem and corrected my yomikata. For me this scene really embodies my study abroad experience in Kyoto : the incredible cultural sites (temples, shrine, castle) in the city, the difficulties but also the interest of studying the Japanese language, the friendship I made with people from all around the world and Japanese students. Especially the difficulties but also the beauty of translation and intercultural friendships. Right after, we discussed a bit about the French poetry, and for me it was a incredible moment.