Magical Experience at Yokai Parade

Magical Experience at Yokai Parade

Dennis Lange
Only a few weeks after my first-time arrival to Japan and Kyoto, I was lucky to experience the Yokai Parade in Taishogun Street in Kyoto. Luckily, I found out about this event through the lovely international community in Kyoto and got more details through Kyoto’s helpful information sites. I had an amazing experience, encountered magical creatures and interesting people, discovered beautiful artworks and impressive musical performances within the nearby shrine. For some reason, this experience was the moment, when I finally realized and felt that I have arrived in Kyoto. Later on, my teachers at Kyoto University mentioned this event in class as well and I was able to learn more about the background and meaning behind this celebration. I hope that this district of Kyoto and especially this shopping street will continue to survive and blossom again in the future.