Go ahead with a text book of mine. Under the Kyoto's brightest sky

Go ahead with a text book of mine. Under the Kyoto's brightest sky

Duangkamon Kamonsakpitak
This moment was photographed during a bright sunny day after I finished my homework and lesson reviewed at coffee shop, biking To part-time job interviewed at Thai restaurant. Waiting at the crossroad, I noticed elements of my surroundings: The green light, the long perspective walkway a right-site shop’s nameplate, my textbook on my bicycle’s basket and the brightest sun. Next thing i know, I picked up my phone and captured the best shot ever. Focusing elements of this photo are – text book “みんなの日本語” First textbook for us, all Japanese language student must use to learn the foundation properly. – bicycle Our buddy vehicle while living in Kyoto. you know. – long walkway in front of me Meaning that Every day , I am focusing on studying and try to be successful or at my best on my Japanese language studying. Although I cannot see the destination right now. But l know it must be somewhere on the road in front of me. So, I am on the way to reach my goal. – Green light Meaning nothing forbid me run to my goal. Surely, for us, the goal is to be successful in studying. The light is already green now. So, go ahead! – Nameplate with the word “京都” appearing shows that is happening here, Kyoto city. – The brightest sunny Kyoto’s sky This photo’s storytelling has been happening under the brightest sunny Kyoto’s sky. The sky that empowering me and to Everybody to go along with target and get stronger to reach our goal in someday.